How to remove screen printing from a shirt – Best 5 Methods in 2023

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Are you curious about learning How to remove screen printing from a shirt When it comes time to take a piece of clothing from your collection, you may wish to remove the screen-printed image that was added as a method to add color and creativity?

One of the most common ways to transfer a design onto fabric for t-shirts, bags, and hoodies is screen printing, but what happens if you need to take the printed image off? You might wish to remove the unsightly, damaged logo stamped on a sweater you purchased at a thrift shop or you can screen print t-shirts as a side gig to sell on Etsy. In either case, you probably have the question of how to remove a screen print from a shirt. remove screen printing from a shirt


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How to remove screen printing from a shirt

In this post, you’ll find easy ways how to remove print from shirt at home. additionally, you’ll learn how to handle unique fabrics like polyester and how to make screen print t shirts.

The most common method for erasing screen printing from garments is to massage the design with a cotton ball dipped in nail paint remover. Other simple techniques include melting the pattern with an iron and a paper bag or removing it with a sugar scrub. To remove the design from some fabrics without causing harm to the fabric, considerable care must be taken.

5 Best Ways To Remove Screen Printing From Shirt

If you have a t-shirt with a design on it, it was probably printed using screen printing, which is the most common technique used to do so. But sometimes, you might need to wash a t-shirt to get rid of the screen printing. Best DTG printer is a profitable garments business. This post will go over the best eight options available on the market.

You may have to remove a screen-printing design for the following reasons:

  • You made a mistake while screen printing the t-shirt yourself.
  • You want to get rid of the broken design on the front of the t-shirt you purchased from a discount store.
  • You brought a t-shirt in a design you like, but the words are unpleasant to you.
  • You want to remove the logo from a t-shirt from previous employment so you can still use it.

Depending on the fabric used to make the shirt, there are different techniques you can you remove a print from a shirt. In order to figure out which method in this article will work for your t-shirt, check the label on it. We’ll start by looking at how to get screen printing off a cotton t-shirt.

The Iron and Peel Technique to Remove Screen Printing

How to remove screen printing from a shirt

One of the simplest ways to remove a screen print design from a cotton t-shirt is to use the iron and peel method. You will need an iron and a sizable paper bag for this ink removal technique.

Since it’s normally advised to avoid adding heat to designs while dealing with screen printing since it could cause the designs to harden, some individuals could be cautious about this technique. This is an exception, even if this is true in certain other circumstances.

Put the design side of the t-shirt facing up on your ironing board and start heating your iron on a low setting without any steam. If you examine the paper bag closely, you will notice that one side is glossier than the other. When you have located the shiny side, position the paper bag so that the shiny side is facing the screen print artwork.

After that, repeatedly press the hot iron against the paper bag. The screen print design should bond to the paper bag with the help of the iron’s heat, which will cause the design to peel off the t-fabric. shirt’s

There may still be some ink on the cloth, but you may carefully scrape away the little patches of ink with a scraper or your fingernail.

Use Coldwater Rinse

Fresh ink may frequently be removed using a cold water rinse. Normally, this approach is only effective with recent designs. If you screen prints your own products, this will enable you to quickly repair any little damage as you go.

Run the item through a cold rinse in your washing machine as soon as you spot remove screen printing from a shirt. As an option, you might try hand-rinsing in cold water.

In either case, avoid using warm water! The ink will dry with heat.

If the cold rinse was successful, attempt a warm rinse next, and then allow the item to air dry.

Use Suger Scrub To Remove Screen Printing From Shirt

How to remove screen printing from a shirt

You can use the sugar scrub technique to remove the ink from the screen print design if you are dealing with a more recent design but it is not quite recent enough for the cold rinse method or if only a little section of an older design is still visible on the t-shirt.

You’ll need one tablespoon of normal sugar for this technique. Use your hand to gently massage the sugar over the screen print design after placing it there. You can also use a soft towel if you don’t want to use your hand.

To gently rub the design off the t-shirt fabric, gently rub the sugar in a circular manner around the design. After the design has been removed, wash the t-shirt normally with detergent after removing the sugar and ink with a gentle brush.

Use Plastisol To Remove Design

Use this chemical to dip a soft cloth in the liquid until it is completely saturated, then remove the cloth to remove the screen-printing ink. You can lay your t-shirt, design side up, on a flat surface while this is going on.

When the cloth has been well soaked in the plastisol remover, carefully place it over the screen print pattern. After 30 minutes, carefully peel it off the design to see if the design has disappeared.

Brush off any crumbled ink from the shirt if the design has faded, and use a separate cloth to remove any remaining plastisol remover from the fabric. Your t-shirt will be free of designs if you wash it using your standard detergent and washing machine cycle.

Using Nail Polish Or Acetone

remove screen printing

For erasing worn-out and broken screen print graphics on cotton t-shirts, use nail polish containing methanol or acetone itself. Due to its high effectiveness, this removal technique is one of the most used for old designs in screen printing.

Professionals in t-shirt printing frequently advise individuals to use this technique because most families already have acetone-containing nail polish remover. If not, you may easily purchase this kind of nail paint remover at a shop nearby, and it’s typically quite affordable.

You can also purchase the chemical acetone, but as it is a strong substance, you must take the appropriate safety precautions. As a result, you must use them while wearing gloves and safety eyewear. As a result, the majority of people choose nail polish remover. it can be used how to remove t-shirt graphics.

Until the cotton ball is completely submerged in the nail paint remover, you must submerge it. Watch it slowly start to come off the t-shirt by softly rubbing the cotton ball onto the old screen print design. Continue doing this until the design is gone. Due to superior quality and low cost-to-print ratio, the Best printer for sublimation are the best and most advised by professionals.

Important Tips – How to remove screen printing from a shirt

How to remove screen printing from a shirt

Here are a few ideas you can try if you’re still having difficulties getting the how to remove t shirt screen printing:

  • Never use a steam iron when using the iron technique as this will cause the ink to dry out more and become harder to remove.
  • The print may fade more quickly if you wash the t-shirt by hand rather than in a washing machine because you can better direct the wash on the design.
  • Never wash a t-shirt in a warm wash before attempting to remove screen printing from it because doing so will thicken the ink and make removal more challenging.


1. Can clothe with screen prints be removed?

The most common method for erasing screen printing from garments is to massage the design with a cotton ball dipped in nail paint remover. Other simple techniques include melting the pattern with an iron and a paper bag or removing it with a sugar scrub.

2. How do you identify screen printing on a shirt?

Use a lens or magnifying glass to examine the margins of the colors closely to determine if you have a silkscreen on your hands. There should be a very slight color overlap visible in some places. Registration is the line-up of two colors in a piece of art.

3. Will acetone make clothing whiter?

Acetone is a powerful substance that can bleach and harm cloth. So when it comes to clothing and carpets, you’ll want to avoid them at all costs.

4. How do you get spots out of your clothes?

You can use a solvent made especially for erasing characters and numbers, but you can also use rubbing alcohol or fingernail paint remover. Apply the solvent to the fabric right beneath the iron-on transfer you want to remove on the inside of the inside-out garment. You can use a piece of cloth or a cotton ball for this.

Conclusion – How to remove screen printing from shirt

Screen printing on fabric can be removed using a number of efficient ways. The design responds well to nail polish remover applied with a cotton ball. A printed design can also be removed by scratching it with some sugar. You can also read about it how to print on glass.

Moreover, you can buy sophisticated instruments like a spot-removal gun that uses pressure and chemicals to remove designs from cloth.

If You have any questions let us know in the comment section.

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