How To Print Labels From Google Sheets – 8 simple & easy steps in 2023

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For a number of reasons, labels serve as identification symbols. There is no end to the uses of labels, whether they are used for shipping, packages, or stationery. Printed labels have many applications, both personally and professionally. If you want to manually create address labels for a community, it could be a laborious procedure. So it is necessary to understand how to print labels from Google Sheets. You can also print the best printer for stickers. You can also read about how to print google doc with comments.

For collecting information into conventionally printed labels, Google Sheets can be a useful tool.

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How To Print Labels From Google Sheets

Labels are required to provide users with concise information. They are essential for object recognition as well. In order to create label templates, users can also purchase a label printer, although the software for many of these printers isn’t as effective as expected.

 However, printing labels is not an option in Google Sheets. This article explains how to use Labelmaker in Google Sheets to create and print labels. 

Here is the step-by-step process for printing labels 

1. Create your documents

The spreadsheet you wish to print the data from should be opened. Make sure they are arranged with headings, as seen in the picture below.

How To Print Labels From Google Sheets

Important Note

You may easily upload your data into Google Spreadsheet if it is already stored in an offline document that you can open using Microsoft Excel, OpenOffice, or another platform. To view your papers from any device, all you need is a Google account.

2. Install the Lablemaker

Create labels from Google Docs and Google Sheets by using the plugin Labelmaker, which is available in the Google Workspace Marketplace. Click here to download Lablemaker.

You must have a Google Account and agree to the terms and conditions in order to install Labelmaker.

3. Click the Lablemaker

After installation, go back to your document. Choose the ‘Add-ons’ menu in Google Sheets. Finally, select “Create labels” after selecting “Create & Print Labels- Avery & Co.” The Labelmaker column will open after this step.

How To Print Labels From Google Sheets

4. Select your template

Select the relevant label sheet you are using from the sidebar. To make it simpler to find your label, there are more than 5000 different labels available. You can look up the label code above as well.

5. Design and edit labels

Your label design and format options are now available after choosing your sheet template. First, select “Add merge fields” from the drop-down option. Then select the information you wish to see next to each label.

6. Setup your labels

To make all of your labels in a new document, click “Create labels.” Your spreadsheet’s rows are changed to new labels using the relevant merge fields. This made it possible for you to quickly establish a mailing list with many contacts.

7. Select the document

Click “Create Labels” when your labels have all the information you need on them. Your document will then be created and prepared for printing. Depending on how many labels you create, it could take a couple of seconds to a minute.

The “Open Document” button will be displayed when the document is ready. It will start with the Google Docs document you uploaded.

8. Now Print your labels

Use the keyboard shortcuts Ctrl+P or File > Print to print your labels. By doing this, a window with print settings will be opened.


1. Can an Excel spreadsheet print labels?

Each mailing label on the sheet that results from the mail merge procedure has one address from the list, and you can print the sheet. You must first prepare the worksheet data in Excel before configuring, arranging, reviewing, and printing the mailing labels using Word.

2. How can I create mailing labels from an Excel spreadsheet?

Activate the Mailings tab. Select Labels under Start Mail Merge. Choose the product number that is listed on the label package after selecting the brand in the Label Vendors box. If you want to enter unique label dimensions, you can also choose New Label.

Final Verdict

That’s all there is to it; the majority of popular office packages now allow you to print labels. By following these steps you can easily print your label. If you run into any problems while creating labels or have any more advice, please share it in the comments section below. And if you are in the sublimation printing business then you can also consider the best sublimation printer for your easy-to-print printing as sublimation printing is booming nowadays. You can also check how to print double sided on google docs.

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