How to Print Google Slides with Notes – Step by Step Process in 2023

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You may feel the need to finish your presentation with your superiors while you’re working on it at your office to avoid any mistakes. The presentation is for the weekly project overview and discussion. In certain situations, you might need to print your presentation before submitting it for review to your general’s office.

Understanding the proper printing technique for your presentation is important in this aspect. In this article, we will show you How to Print Google Slides with Notes. You can also print the best printer for stickers.

How to Print Google Slides with Notes

You can solve all issues with size as well as other issues when printing a Google Slide with Notes. The technique to print Google Slides with Notes is thought to be highly effective if followed through the steps provided below, while also promoting a fast task to be completed. And if you want fast or really fast internet for printing your desired Google slides fast then you can go for Best router for spectrum as well.

Step 1.

Click on the file option

Using your device to access Google Slides, which will open a presentation that has been saved throughout the platform. Selecting “Print Settings and Preview” from the drop-down menu after tapping the “File” tab on the top toolbar.

How to Print Google Slides with Notes

Step 2.

Keep Notes all through the Open Image

The “Close Preview” option is located above the top menu; tap on the arrow across it to access its drop-down menu and change it to “1 slide with notes”; this setting prints out the presentation’s content as one slide per page.

How to Print Google Slides with Notes

Step 3.

Print the Google Slides

You must select the choice that says “Print” on a menu that looks very similar. For printing the slides, specify the number of copies and the number of pages. For the new screen to work properly, choose “Print.”

FAQS – How to Print Google Slides with Notes

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