How to make Decals with Inkjet Printer – Decorate Walls, Furniture in 2022

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If you want to decorate your walls, windows, floors, and automobiles by applying many lovely stickers with customized graphics, you’ve come to the right place. Best DTG printers have good print quality and can be used at home or in offices.

We’ll explain how to make decals with an inkjet printer in this article. You must first understand what a decal is and how it is used in the design industry. You can also check the best printer for stickers.


Decals are a particular type of transfer paper that you can use to apply any kind of design or image to a wall, table, plastic, or piece of clothing.

If you want to know how to make Decals with Inkjet Printer the easiest and simple method, then using an inkjet printer is best. you can make decals without facing any difficulties, and one other exciting thing is that you will get unique and satisfactory results. If you are interested in buying Best Printers Under $200 then you can read this post.

How to make decals with inkjet printer

Below is the complete method of printing decals on an inkjet printer you can follow to make unique decals with an inkjet printer for your walls, windows, floors, or anything you want to decorate.

1. Gather your materials

Before starting any project, we must gather the necessary materials about how to make a decal with a printer. For example, although you may believe that this project only requires an inkjet printer, there are actually many additional items that are required. Before printing the decals, you need to have a few items.

2. Graphic tablet

The tool gives you the ability to use a special stylus or your fingers to create designs, draw patterns, and edit pictures. Using a graphics tablet will make the process of creating decals much simpler. However, this is optional, you can make do a photo editor. It will really help them make decals with inkjet printer.

how to make decals with inkjet printer

3. Inkjet printer

For making decals, an inkjet printer is a need; the size of the printer or unit depends on your budget and the nature of the work. If you have an inkjet printer, you may use it to create water slide decals because it can produce prints of excellent quality.

4. Water slide transfer paper

Many people use regular paper for making stickers with inkjet printers, which is not an efficient method, to transfer photos and designs on any surface. The water slide transfer paper has a lot of capabilities, including the ability to easily transfer graphics and designs on a variety of durable surfaces, including glass, plates, cups, and other vessels.

5. Power on an inkjet printer

You need to turn on the printer and connect it to your PC or laptop after gathering all the necessary items. Make sure your PC and inkjet printer are properly linked because occasionally you cannot begin working due to connectivity problems.

6. Download the image

Download the image you’ve selected to use as a decal after choosing it from the internet. The picture can be modified in keeping with your interests.

7. Scan the image

For your comfort, you can scan any physical image or design using a scanner. However, if you are talented in design, you can also create your own graphics.

8. Put the waterslide paper into the printer

The following step is to insert water slide paper into your inkjet printer, making sure that the coated side of the paper is facing the printer’s head, and then set the printer to fast transfer design to your preferred settings.

9. Print the decal

With the help of an inkjet printer, you have to print your design onto water slide transfer paper.

10. Spray acrylic sealant

If you must transfer your print design to water slide transfer paper, spray Acrylic Sealant in two coats in accordance with the water slide paper’s manufacturer’s instructions.

11. Dip transfer paper in water

You have to complete an exciting stage in which you must remove yourself from the bowl and fill it with water. Make sure you have fully submerged the decal you just printed in water at this point. The container can also be filled with water and the decal can be soaked using a box.

12. Cut the decal

In order to cut the decal, you must first remove the waste portion of the paper. You can do this by printing the decal on a magazine with one arm while using the other to cut the decal.

Step 1 Gather your materials
Step 2Graphic tablet
Step 3Inkjet printer
Step 4Water slide transfer paper
Step 5
Power on an inkjet printer
Step 6Download the image
Step 7 Scan the image
Step 8Put the water slide paper into the printer
Step 9Print the decal
Step 10Spray acrylic sealant
Step 11Dip transfer paper in water
Step 12Cut the decal

FAQS – Frequently asked questions about how to make decal with inkjet printer

1. Can inkjet printers be used to print decals?

Use sticker paper designed for an inkjet printer for inkjet printing and sticker paper designed for laser printing. They cannot be used interchangeably. When printed on a laser printer, inkjet sticker paper dissolves. Make sure to get the appropriate laser-friendly sticker paper if you want to print stickers on your laser printer.

2. What kind of printer do I need to make decals?

Your sticker design will determine the vinyl decal printer you need, but often a 4-colour inkjet printer with 1200 dpi print resolution will do. Look for a printer with at least 6 ink cartridges if your sticker design requires a dynamic colour range and additional tonal diversity, which is improbable.

3. Can a basic printer produce decals?

Using waterslide transfer paper, you can turn any digital graphic file into a decal. You need to purchase waterslide decal transfer paper if you want to create decals at home using your inkjet printer. This paper is available in craft stores and office supply stores. Online access is also possible.

4. Is special ink required for waterslide paper?

We recommended sealing our waterslide using Rust-Oleum 2X Clear and Rust-Oleum Crystal Clear Enamel because they consistently perform well. We do not advise painting or rolling sealant over the paper; only spray-based sealants should be used.

5. How do you seal inkjet stickers?

Spray sealers give stickers a polyacrylic surface that resembles shellac. They can offer a nearly imperceptible protective coating over your sticker creations if utilised properly. There are various well-known brands including Krylon, Mod Podge, and Minwax, and they can be glossy or matte.

Conclusion – How to Make Decals with Inkjet Printer

I hope you liked this post about “How To Make Decals With Inkjet Printer”. I know some of you may have tried to create decals at home, but I am sure you will love this easy way. Also you can easily learn Sublimation Printing.

If you want to learn more about decals, then you can go through our other posts. We will share with you how you can make different types of decals and if you like to transfer digital images, designs or text on fabrics then you can use Best Printer for Sublimation.

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