How to install Epson printer – Best and Easy Ways in 2023

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If you don’t have any idea how to install an Epson printer and want to know what is this, and how it works, then you have landed on the right page.

A setup file called an Epson printer utility enables you to configure an Epson printer with your computer, laptop, or phone and print various types of documents, images, and emails, among other things. You can send print commands to your printer from any device that can send emails after installing this setup software. Due to superior quality and low cost-to-print ratio best printer for sublimation is for you. If you have Epson L3150 then how to connect Epson L3150 printer to wifi article is for you.

For your Epson printer to be able to perform printing operations like scan to the cloud, Epson email print, remote print, etc., you must install this utility program on your computer.

Table of Contents

How to install Epson printer

If your Epson printer supports email, all you need to do to set it up and start printing from it is download the Epson remote printer driver and the Epson Connect printer setup program to your computer.

Select a language and country

The printer will immediately ask you what language you speak when you switch it on. After choosing the proper language, the printer will begin working. You will then be prompted by the printer to insert the ink cartridges.

The printer won’t function until the original cartridges are inserted. Never shake the cartridges and hold off on opening the container until you’re ready to install it. Ink bottles can be used to refill the ink tank on EcoTank printers.

Install the Cartridges

How to install Epson printerThe installation of the cartridges is quite simple, but it should be done carefully. Lift the printer’s top lid first. Each Epson printer has a different place for the cartridges. The cartridge holder then appears after you raise it with the side levers.

Make sure you place the correct color in the appropriate location before removing the cartridges from their box. At the cartridge’s base, the color is identified. When you hear a click, remove the cartridge’s cap and carefully press the cartridge into the holder. Once all the cartridges are in position, close the lid.

Fill the ink tank from the ink bottles

How to install Epson printerAn EcoTank printer’s ink tank may be stocked with ink from bottles. Open the ink tank hatch and the colour’s lid if you wish to add more ink. Twist the cap off the ink bottle while holding it upside down. In the opening, insert the bottle.

Now that the ink is flowing into the tank, it will automatically stop when it is full. Close the hatch of the ink tank and the openings with the caps once all the colors have been added.

Installing the test print

epsonThe startup of the printer will now begin. Every Epson printer takes a different time to start, When the printer is finished, it will request that you print a test page. You can do that later; you’re not required to do it now. The test print is used to align the printer heads and look for obstructions in the cartridge vents. This will take another five to ten minutes. The initialization is then finished.

Although the printer has now been initialized, it is not yet attached to a computer. Select the printer’s connection method first.

  • Connect your printer via USB or Wifi

Use a USB cord if you’d rather connect the printer to your computer or laptop without utilising the internet. Connect your laptop or PC’s conventional flat USB connector (USB-A) to your printer’s USB-B square connector.

  • Wifi

Look for the wifi symbol. Select the network you want to connect to in the WiFi Setup Wizard. Your printer will be connected once you enter the password if necessary.

Download the required software

It’s time to install the right software on your PC or laptop now that your printer is connected. Use the CD that came with it? Include it. If you do not use the CD visit www. Click “Enter” after entering the Epson printer’s product name. You then select “Get started.” You need to scroll down the following page until you find Step 2 – Connect. Click “download” to get the file in Explorer or your browser.

Install the required software

Install the required software If you do concur, you must accept the licence agreement. Epson will set up the right software automatically. This will require some time. Then, you decide whether to use a USB cable or WiFi to connect the printer wirelessly. If you select USB, proceed to the next step after following the instructions on the screen.

Connect your printer to a PC or Laptop

connect epson printerWould you like to WiFi-connect the printer? Next, select the right printer. Your printer and the Epson software will now connect. Was your printer not found by the software? Reset the router or re-connect your printer to the WiFi network to see if they are both linked to the same network. Did it succeed? If so, a test print will be made on your printer. Congratulations, you can now use your printer.

FAQS – Frequently asked questions about how to install an Epson printer

1. How do I set up my Epson printer?

  • Select network > Epson connect services
  • Select Epson Connect Services > Basic Settings.
  • Epson Connect Services should be chosen.

2. How do I install my printer on my computer?

Simply turn on your printer by connecting the USB connection to a USB port on your computer. Select Settings >Devices >Printers & scanners from the Start menu. Decide whether to add a printer or scanner. Wait for it to locate nearby printers, then select Add device after picking the one you wish to use.

3. Why is my Epson printer not connecting to my computer?

The wrong driver being loaded on the computer, a bad USB cable, a bad interface card on the printer, the wrong interface type being selected in the printer settings, or any of these things could be the cause of this. The drivers are the easiest thing to check. Remove the current driver and download the appropriate one.

4. How do I find my Epson printer driver?

Select Printer Settings by performing a right-clicking on the taskbar’s printer icon. First, use the Start menu as previously mentioned to access the printer driver before adding a shortcut icon to the Windows taskbar. After that, select the Monitoring Preferences button, the Speed & Progress button, and the Maintenance tab.

5. Why is my printer not connecting to my computer?

Start your computer, printer, and wireless router again first. To determine whether your printer is associated with your network: From the printer control panel, print the results of the wireless network test. On many printers, printing this report is directly accessible by hitting the Wireless button.

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