Best Printer For Stickers | Expert Reviews & Buying Guide for 2023

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Packaging, couriering, and almost all kinds of business need distinctive labels and printers. From stationery stickers to labels and tags mentioning the price on the apparel and selling items need a good printer for printing stickers. The selection is difficult yet critical to obtain the optimum result.

According to my experience in the printing business and after testing 500-plus printers, I concluded that before selecting a printer, one has to shortlist the requirements of the business. The market is full of several sticker printers, and it isn’t very clear to choose one. Therefore, after rigorous testing and analyzing users’ experience, we have shortlisted the versatile and best printers for stickers available in the market.

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Best Printer For Stickers 2023

Printers can be used anywhere you want according to your need. Stickers printers are used to print stickers whether for bottles or boxes or receipts. In this article, we have covered the top 7 stickers after testing in our factory for 70+ hours of research and 30 team members. So after testing them a lot we are able to recommend these printers according to your budget, need, price and demand.

Top 7 Printer for Stickers – Freedom to Display Arts in 2023

1. HP OfficeJet Pro 8025e Wireless Color Sticker Compatible Printer

HP OfficeJet Pro 8025eI suggest the printer if you are setting up a printing business and have to perform versatile tasks, including card, envelope, and sticker printing. The clarity and premium color display of brochures, forms, and other representation material, including stickers and labels, is worth its price.HP OfficeJet Pro 8025e

Usually, printing costs are impactful in establishing a profitable printing business. Hence, 6 month instant ink subscription is available after activating HP+. I have printed almost 700+ sheets a month after registering the subscription. It prevents the hassle of running out of ink while printing bulk consignment.

sticker printerAnother factor that I admire about the printing machine is its quick results without declining the print quality. Almost 20 pages per minute are enough to print labels and stickers for a store. If you print in color, you can print 10 pages per minute containing significant stickers.

  • Self-healing with wifi Tm feature and Dual-band prevents connection issues
  • HP Smart App compatible with smartphone
  • HP+ includes security, auto-updates, and more
  • flexible compatibility with versatile print mediums
  • Monthly fee charged if not canceled on time
  • Setup is a bit technical
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Product Summary
I added the printer at the top of my list because of its versatility and all-in-one functionality. The HP model is a Scanner, copier, printer, and one of the best printers for printing glossy stickers. For a technically illiterate, auto-healing is a great help to prevent the hassle of calling technicians for minor issues.

2. Pink Shipping Label Printer- Best Affordable Printer For Stickers [Upgraded 2.0] MUNBYN

 Pink Shipping Label PrinterI was astonished by the positive reviews yet reluctant to buy the latest updated model for my printing business. However, the Amazon’s Choice award was the last nail in the coffin. Portable and customizable sizing helped me work with on-site services. The sheet size of 4×6 was enough to print several labels and stickers on a single sheet.

When working with onsite equipment, connection compatibility is a must-have feature. Besides being compatible with a PC, you can connect it with a USB and get a direct print.

printer to print sticker It also eases the installation and setup process. Moreover, the chrome-printing compatibility allows you to get an instant print with mere a click and an internet connection.

One of the best thermal printers for stickers is the preferred choice of FedEx, Paypal, XPS ship, Ordoro, eBay, Esty, Shipworks, Shopify, etc. Therefore, Amazon listed it as Amazon’s Choice. You can customize and get instant-coded labels for shipping and couriers. You can choose any size between 1.57×4.3 inches to 4×6 inches.

Again the reason I was easily settled with the printer is its free-lifetime support. From installation to exploring features in the printer, you can get remote and on-call support at any time.

  • Nonstop 700sheets print with 5 minutes auto-pause
  • Auto-Sheet size orientation for label printing
  • A thermal printer is a cartridge-free printer
  • Cost-effective and ready to use labels in no-time
  • Mac compatibility needs permission before the installation
  • Monochrome printing
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Product Summary
I added the product to my list of best printers for stickers because of the portability and cost-effectiveness with premium quality. The Munbyn are known for providing excellent customer support and, therefore, best for beginners.


3. Rollo Wireless Shipping Thermal Label Printer

 Rollo Wireless Shipping Thermal Label PrinterConvenient, reliable, and instant yet versatile thermal label printing is the identity of Rollo Wireless label printers. Since buying it I am using this amazing printer and using it right after 69 days i can recommend this printer to everyone because of its compact size and also this is very budget-friendly. The small size reduces the shipping rates, and wireless connectivity makes it a portable printer.

Ink-free and cartridge-free printing eradicate the fear of losing the clarity and deformation of prints. Moreover, the feature that makes me fall for it is compatible with various thermal labels. Moreover, besides saving my investment, it also prints at sonic Speed. 4×6 inch label per second is impressively furious Speed. Best DTF Printer has also impressive speed

The connectivity option, USB connections, and wireless connections with various devices, including MAC, Android, Windows, Mobile etc., make it the most convenient and best printer for stickers and labels.sticker printer

  • Airprint availability for wireless compatibility
  • Compatible with known shipping platforms
  • Rollo Ship Manager App
  • Shipping labels at a click
  • The label is outside the printer
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Product Summary
Time is money when you are investing efforts in business. Rollo Wireless shipping label is a perfect option if you are looking for the best quality printer for stickers. Least efforts, quick speeds, and quality prints with extreme compatibility with various devices are reasons no one can ignore the printer.

4. Stand Alone Oil Change Sticker / Label Printer

Stand Alone Oil Change StickerThis Sticker Printer outcome compelled me to add it to my list as the best printer for oil change stickers. I observed the quality of the print and the printer, and after several testing, I can claim it to be the most competent.

The color LED enabled you to find precise information regarding the process without connecting it with the computer. The provider allows you to obtain customized labels and ink ribbons in the package. For me finding compatible labels was real chaos.

Moreover, RT 200i notifies you when your vehicle needs an oil change. Smear and scratch-resistant screen rarely fades and prevents you from recalling the last time you went for overhauling.

A small footprint makes it hassle-free and easily adjustable at any place without consuming significant space. In addition, you don’t have to apologize to the customer for delayed printing. You can print 7 inches of labels in a second. Removable adhesive stickers also eliminate the annoying leftover stickers.

  • Customizable labels according to your business requirements
  • Instant setup and live support
  • Free ribbon and 1000 oil change labels in the package
  • A 3-year warranty is worth the price
  • 10 pounds weight relatively high for the portable equipment
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Product Summary
Customization is the provider’s most prominent and essential feature that makes it the best printer for an oil change and kind of service label. AC maintainer services also use these stickers to remind the owner. The overall price of the package has worth it.


5. Epson EcoTank ET-2750 Comes with Scanner

Epson EcoTank ET-2750The label printers are available in the market, but when I went to my boy’s school, I found them using the Epson EcoTank ET-2750 inkjet printer for labeling the books, notebooks, and titles on the badges and many more. The outcome was brilliant and impressive enough to do my research about the printer. I learned that envelopes, labels, and paper are compatible with the printer.

The inkjet printing technology has a cartridge-free ink supply enough to print 6500 black pages and 5200 pages of colored sheets. The drawback of the cartridge system is ink wastage. In contrast, the EcoTank ink system is suitable for consistent printing. Versatile compatibility with various operating systems also makes it the best Epson printer for stickers, labels, school cards, etc.

Besides other advanced features, it also has auto-duplex printing, an essential card printing requirement. It saves time, paper supply, and high resolution of 5760×1440 OPI.

The printer is extremely user-friendly, and you can easily navigate through the front panel and LCD screen.sticker printer

Nevertheless, the smartphone compatibility and integrated system are an apple on the pie. Hassle-free ink refilling is also an amenity for the user. The connection is wifi compatible and can work un-corded.

  • Ecotank prevents cartridge waste, perfect for bulk and regular printing jobs.
  • Low-cost production with premium quality
  • Excellent quality for photos and color prints
  • All-in-one best inkjet sticker printer
  • Little louder than expected
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Product Summary
In concluding my review, it’s the best budget inkjet printer for stickers and you can also check out Best Printer Under $200. Thanks to Ecotank technology, dual-side printing consumes fewer resources and efficiently minimizes the power supply. Multipurpose equipment saves your capital investments in your business.

6. DYMO Label Printer | Best Label Printer and Writer

DYMO Label PrinterAnother top trending label printer. The thermal label printers are used in multiple businesses, and labeling items in a marketplace is an essential store management requirement. Although the DYMO label printer is monochrome and cannot print in colors, the quality, price, and convenient use make me add it to the list.

The Speed of the prints, such as 51 labels in a minute, is enough to label the consignment and loaded store. Instead of using separate printers for different sized labeling, you can use a single label writer to get the customized labels.You can create a word file or excel-file and obtain the designed prints in hand.

  • A perfect label printer for office use includes labeling, mailing, and filing.
  • Compatible with Microsoft Word and MAC book address
  • Compact yet easy to setup
  • The quick result with the least investment
  • Cannot print DYMO stamp due to incompatibility
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Product Summary
The suggestion is a third thermal printer on my list. I admire the thermal technology because you don’t have to bother about ink and refilling. You can get rid of the chaos of ink and toner supplies. Moreover, ready to use setup and customizable labels make it suitable for multipurpose tasks.


7. Brother VC-500W Best Color Label and Photo Printer Compact & Zink Zero Ink Technology

Brother VC-500W Best Color Label and Photo PrinterLast but a winner in my list is Brother VC-500W. Already Brother is a most competent brand in manufacturing printers of all kinds. Each model is efficient and highly productive, from Best Printer for sublimation to label printing, without draining the budget and you can also try Sublimation Printing method for this purpose. Wifi compatibility and wirelessly flawless connections prevent chords’ hassle and allow access from your smart devices. You can command your smartphone and get instant prints according to your designed patterns.

Zink Zero technology was new to me, and I must say it’s worth investing in the Brother. High definition prints, with vibrant colors without premium ink, makes it outperform other printers of the same genera. An adhesive-backed zink paper transforms the image and prints on the medium of your choice and Best DTG printer is also used to take print high quality fabric printring.

The printer is the best match for the gift shop owner and can instantly enhance the ROI.Brother VC-500W Best Color Label and Photo Printer Adding a little cute and customized label or sticker on a gift won’t cost the seller, but you can make the buyer pay for it according to your desires. You will find happy and permanent customers for sure. The label editing app can help you customize the labels with versatile features like fonts, background editing, template designs, etc.

  • Zinc paper adhesive and genuine CZ rolls are the most durable and abrasion-resistant
  • Multipurpose printing outcomes, stickers, photos, labels, etc
  • It does not need ink, ribbons, and toners
  • The Horizon technology meets the modern requirements
  • The printing speed is a bit low but depends on the type of printouts.
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Product Summary
The ultimate choice is Brother VC for HD-quality sticker and label printing. Built material and the support service are excellent in the market, and alignment with modern requirements is added benefit. Ink-free, wireless, and multipurpose printing with Zink Paper make it a perfect choice for novice and experts.

sticker printer


Comparison Table

Sticker Printer NameRatingsCheck Latest Price
HP OfficeJet Pro 8025e⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
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Pink Shipping Label Printer⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
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Rollo Wireless Label Printer⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Click Here to Check Price
Stand Alone Sticker Printer⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Click Here to Check Price
Epson EcoTank ET-2750⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Click Here to Check Price
DYMO Label Printer⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
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Brother VC-500W⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
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Buying Guide

If you are looking for a sticker and label printer for business purposes, you must look for a printer aligned with your print requirements. If you want to find out the printer for stickers, you must consider the following aspects before buying a printer for stickers and labels.

Purpose of Purchase

The purpose of the purchase is the ultimate factor in choosing the right printer for your job. Single functional printers like label printers or Cricut label printers can not perform other printing tasks.

However, some brands manufacture a standard print with versatile functioning. You can print a document as well as other stickers and formats. Therefore, before researching the specification of each printer, shortlist the demands precisely and thoughtfully.

Selecting Type of Printer

Inkjet sticker printers, thermal sticker printers, laser label printers, and many more technologies with remarkable results are available. When you ought to choose the one, you must find out which one meets your demands. Thermal printers are non-ink printers, whereas inkjet printers use special inks. Laser technology is not available in all brands, yet the most competent and expensive equipment for printing.

Cost of production

Whether you are in a printing business or printing labels to manage the store, you need low-cost manufacturing. Max ROI is only possible if your equipment adds value to your business. Draining the budget is never a smart choice. To analyze the cost of prints with the quality it produces and the revenue you can generate through it to find the compatibility.

Other Features

Besides the overall manufacturing quality of the printer, you must look for some standard features and level of usability.

  • High Speed and ready to use printouts
  • Accommodative and small footprint for ease of location
  • DPI scale for better resolution
  • Connectivity ( wireless/ethernet / OS compatibility)
  • Low maintenance and self-healing
  • Supportive manufacturers and reliable support


FAQ’S – Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which technology of modern printers is reliable for printing?

Although laser printers are gradually taking over the market, the most reliable printing technology is inkjet. Thermal and decal printing also play a significant role in sticker printing.

2. Can I print stickers from a standard printer?

Standard printers can only print stickers and labels if the input sheet requirements align with label rolls and sticker sheets. Few inkjet printers are compatible with stickers by applying a few precautions and preparations.

3. Why do I need special printers for printing labels and stickers?

Special printers for labels and stickers use thermal and even Zink adhesive technology to get excellent results. But finding compatibility in an ordinary printer is time-consuming and budget draining.

4. Can I print premium quality stickers at home?

The process is quite simple, but you might have a few wrong sheets before getting the perfect one as a beginner.

  • Design template ( select from app or design on word file)
  • Get a sample print on blank paper before final printing
  • Load a single sticker sheet in the printer’s feeder tray
  • Adjust the loaded sheet if the auto-adjustment feature is missing
  • Command print
  • Wait a few seconds before touching the printed area to prevent distortion.

5. What is special about sticker paper?

The sticker paper is either glossy or matte with an adhesive background. The ink usually stays on the sheet and does not smudge like ordinary paper.

Final Verdict about Best printer for stickers

Stickers and label printing is not new trend. However, advancing technology is making it much more organized and easy to obtain. After analyzing several brands and testing top trending products in the market, we have shortlisted the 7 best printers for stickers.

Still, taking all printers in the cart is not a wise decision but rather a burden on your budget. Therefore, I have picked the 3 most competent products that won’t let you down in the race.

  • Brother VC-500W
  • Epson EcoTank ET-2750

No doubt DYMO is also a competent product, but the overall win of Brother and EPSON is due to brand position, and the outcome of the printers is unmatchable. You can also find other thermal printers restricted to labeling and tagging.

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