The Best iPad Air 10.5 inches Keyboard Cases

If you have an Apple iPad and you want to use it as your laptop for your day-to-day work like checking emails, browsing the web, typing articles, etc then getting an iPad Air 10.5 keyboard case is really amazing idea, right? With iPad Air 10.5 keyboard cases you can not only use your iPad as a laptop but also the case will protect the back of your iPad from scratches. Below we have listed more than 10 Best iPad Air 10.5 inches Keyboard Cases for you, check them compare them, and buy it.

If you search online, you will see different varieties of keyboard cases for iPad 10.5 inches, and selecting the best and durable keyboard cases from all of them is really a hard task, isn’t it? to make your life easier we have shortlisted a bunch of products and hands-on reviews of 14 best iPad Air 10.5 keyboard cases for you.

As there is a high demand for keyboard cases with trackpad and pencil holder, we have also listed out some best iPad Air 10.5 keyboard case with the trackpad and some best iPad 10.5 keyboard case with a pencil holder. All the keyboard cases which we have listed below are from the brands we trust.

So, with that said, have a look at all the best iPad Air 10.5 inches keyboard cases.

List of Best iPad Air 10.5 Keyboard Cases

1) Fintie Keyboard Case for iPad Air 3rd Gen 10.5

Best iPad Air 10.5 inches Keyboard Cases

If you are looking for an affordable yet durable option then this Fintie Keyboard appears to be a good option. This keyboard case specially designed for iPad Air 10.5 inches and it also comes with a Pencil holder.

The design of this Keyboard case is super slim and is magnetically detachable, with this Keyboard case your iPad will remain protected from scratches and the Premium polycarbonate shell will lock your tablet in place and absorb drops and bumps.

This case has 3 notches to let you position your iPad Pro at the perfect angle. The keyboard is also very thin and it feels like an actual keyboard. The keyboard is really responsive and clicky, you will also find Mac configured command key in the keyboard. The pairing process is very easy and the keyboard is operable from several feet away.

Battery life is also very good, according to the reviews and claims, we found out that it has 100 hours of battery life. So, in the end, I would say this keyboard is really worth the price tag.

  • 1) Affordable
  • 2) Detachable Keyboard
  • 3) Slim/Lightweight
  • 4)Pencil Holder
  • No Touchpad


2) Backlight Keyboard Phixnozar for iPad Air 10.5

Best iPad Air 10.5 inches Keyboard Cases

If you are looking for a backlight keyboard case for your iPad Air 10.5 then you should definitely look at this one by Phixonazar. With this keyboard case, you can convert your iPad 10.5 into a complete laptop. The case is your standard polycarbonate hardcover case, it offers really good protection against scratches.

The best part about this Keyboard case is that it has a built-in touchpad as well, so if you were looking for the best iPad Air 10.5 keyboard case with a touchpad or trackpad then this one appears to be the best choice for you.

This keyboard case comes with two backlit modes, one with stable rainbow light mode and another one with a circular breathing rainbow. You will find three brightness modes in this keyboard so that you can adjust the brightness level according to your requirements.

The keyboard is really responsive and the travel of keys is also decent. The touchpad works pretty smoothly just like Macbook or any other laptop. The multi-finger gestures for scrolling and others also work without any problem.

The flexibility of the angle of the screen is also amazing. Overall, this keyboard case is really worth trying, you will not regret your decision at all.

  • Backlight keyboard available
  • Touchpad available
  • Seems well made and sturdy
  • Typing feels good
  • it doesn’t use a standard usb cable for charging. It comes with its own charging cable.
  • 360 rotation not available


3) Best iPad Air 10.5 inches Keyboard Cases by JUQITECH

Best iPad Air 10.5 inches Keyboard Cases

Here comes another affordable yet strong keyboard case with a pencil holder for iPad Air 10.5 by JUQITECH. The case is very sturdy and it fits well with iPad Air 10.5. The case is really lightweight and doesn’t feel bulky at all.

This case is made up of soft PU and flexible TPU inner shell, which are drop-proof and scratch-resistant.

The keys of the keyboard really feel amazing and it doesn’t look cheap at all, if you do a lot of typing work then this keyboard is perfect for you. You can spend hours typing without getting cramp in your hands.

The magnetic auto sleep/wake feature of this case also works seamlessly and smoothly and it can definitely help to extend your iPad’s battery life.

The keyboard is detachable and the stand angles are also adjustable. Setting up this keyboard is also not a big deal, the pairing is really easy and smooth. You can also expect a good battery life from this case, as per company claims, you can charge the case from 0% to 100% within two hours.

  • Affordable
  • Sturdy
  • Pencil Holder available
  • Easy to Pair
  • Compact and light
  • landscape viewing mode doesn’t hold too well.


4) Best iPad Air 10.5 inches Keyboard Cases by Earto

Best iPad Air 10.5 inches Keyboard Cases

Here is the another Backlight keyboard by Earto, so if you are looking for simple backlit keyboard with no fancy lights then this keyboard is a best option for you. However, the price of this one is little extra than Phixnozar but is totally worth considering the quality and features you get in this keyboard case. 

The quality of this keyboard case is really good, it looks and feels sturdy and does make your ipad look and feel like a laptop with a touch screen. Aluminium casing definitely makes your iPad more secure, however, the case is little on the heavier side but that’s completely okay with Aluminium case.

This keyboard case support 360 rotation and can be tilted up to 135 degree, it meet all your viewing angle needs when you are typing, watching video or playing games.

In this keyboard case, you are offered 7 colors of different backliting options and 3 levels adjustment brightness, it definitely make your life much easier while typing in dark environment.

  • 360 Rotation available
  • Aluminum Finish
  • 7 Colors Backlight
  • Responsive keys

  • No Touchpad
  • Expensive


5) iPad Air 10.5 Best Keyboard case by BAIBAO

Looking for a strong keyboard case to protect your iPad from scratches and also wish to use it as a laptop in an affordable option? then look no further, with the Baibao keyboard case your iPad will remain protected (thanks to its shell quality) and with the keyboard, you can make your iPad into a laptop anytime.

They keyboard is magnetically detachable so that you can use the keyboard and case separately as well.  Keys feedback is really solid and and good, it can input accurately and there will be no confusion. Keyboard typing gives a very comfortable experience. Apart from iPad this keyboard can be connected to Android phone, tablet, or even TV.

You also get a pencil holder attached in this case. Battery life is also decent, you do get a USB charging cord inside the package. All in all, this case is a very good choice for those who are looking for a solid and affordable keyboard case.

  • Strong Case
  • Magnetically detachable keyboard
  • Good Key response
  • Pencil holder available
  • No Touchpad


6) Best iPad Air 10.5 Keyboard Case with Touchpad by Phixnozar

If you are looking for the iPad Air 10.5 best premium keyboard case with a touchpad or trackpad then have a look at this keyboard case by Phixnoazar. This leather keyboard case will protect your iPad from scratches and also let you convert into a laptop, thanks to its high-quality keyboard and touchpad.

Another good point about this Keyboard case is its very lightweight and it doesn’t feel bulky at all. The build quality of the keys is really decent with good travel, the keys have a nice click to them. It’s not a silent keyboard, but it’s not annoyingly loud.

The touchpad is also very responsive and has two press-able buttons and can do a good number of multi-finger gestures. The touchpad isn’t rough but it’s not Teflon smooth like the touchpad on a MacBook. You can just barely hear your finger sliding over it.

  • Adds trackpad functionality to your iPad
  • Quality Build, does not feel cheap
  • Affordable Price
  • Long Battery life
  • USB C charging port
  • Cannot easily separate iPad from keyboard to use iPad like a tablet
  • The power button is almost invisible


7) iPad Air 10.5 Keyboard Case by YEKBEE

This keyboard case by YEKBEE is a really good product if you are looking for a keyboard that is embedded in the case. It’s very sturdy and really makes your iPad look like a laptop!! It will hold your iPad well in place.  It doesn’t tip over either from being top-heavy. The weight is also well balanced and it doesn’t feel heavy at all.

The key travel is really great and typing is very fluid and responsive with very minimal errors. You are also offered an adjustable 10-color RGB LED backlight and they are really bright and look very attractive.

Another good thing about this keyboard is its ability to rotate 360 degrees, it lets you comfortably use your iPad for any task like typing notes, watching videos, etc. The Apple Pencil holder is also available so you can fit your pencil pretty well.

iPad auto sleep/wake upon closing feature also works without fail. It saves your iPad battery when closed. You can also expect a decent battery life of 1 day or so and if you use it without backlight then it will definitely last longer.

Pros & Cons

  • Bright 10 RGB lights
  • 360 rotation available
  • Lightweight
  • Feels very sturdy
  • No Touchpad
  • Little Expensive


8) iPad Air 10.5 Keyboard case by TaIYanG

If you are looking for an affordable keyboard case for you then consider this keyboard case by TaIyanG, it is an affordable detachable keyboard case with a classy design. The keyboard is really easy to use and has a good response while typing. The case fits very well, I like that it is magnetic and can fix the keyboard to the case without moving around

The case is really sturdy and provides full-body protection to your iPad. The keyboard holds a good charge and lasts really long. With this keyboard case, you can use your mini laptop anywhere.

Pros & Cons

  • Classy Design
  • Affordable
  • Good Build Quality
  • Light Weight
  • Good Battery Backup
  • No Touchpad


9) iPad Pro 10.5 Case with Keyboard by CHESONA

This case is a good combination of a strong case and a functional laptop-style keyboard case. The material that is used in this case is very premium and provides good overall protection to your iPad.

It has a backlight keyboard that is easy to use, manage, and to charge, as well as changing the colors. It also offers 3 levels of brightness mode. The keyboard holds in pace securely because of magnets. The case closes firmly, and it feels like solid protection for your iPad.

The weight of the case is a little on the heavier side but the keyboard weight is as light as air. The plastic that covers the edges of your iPad is super tough. The charging is decent enough. One charge lasts about a week. That’s with constant use. It also has a pencil/pen holder that holds the pen SECURELY.

Pros & Cons

  • Strong build quality
  • Backlight keyboard
  • When closed, looks like a sleek notebook.
  • Keyboard comes with more functionality
  • Comes with Apple Pencil holder
  • Magnets are pretty strong
  • Keyboard needs to be detached if you want to use the iPad in vertical position
  • Entire case can very pretty heavy
  • When closing the case, the keyboard always needs to be adjusted in order to properly close


10) ILEBYGO iPad Air 10.5 Keyboard Case with Pencil Holder

Looking for a budget keyboard case that can do multiple tasks, look no further, with the ILEBYGO keyboard case, your iPad will remain protected from scratches/dents and can easily be converted to a notebook anytime.

The design of this case is undoubtedly very good, it provides 360 rotation and that is really convenient feature, it helps us to use our iPad more comfortably.

The keyboard of this case 7 colors backlight with 3 different brightness levels. The travel on the keyboard feels good and the keys are very responsive. The keys also have a good quality feel to them, they don’t feel cheaply made.

It’s great that this case has a built-in pencil holder; the holder is very tight so you don’t have to worry about your Apple Pencil falling out or even slipping slightly. The battery of the keyboard is quite decent and can really long if used without a backlight and with backlight you can expect 2-3 days at least.

Pros & Cons

  • Good Quality Case
  • Backlight keyboard with good travel
  • Good battery backup
  • Reasonably thin and light weight
  • 360 rotation available
  • No touchpad


11) Logitech iPad Air 10.5 Best Keyboard Case 

If you are having a good budget to invest in your iPad’s keyboard case then I would recommend you go with the Logitech Keyboard Case. Logitech is well known for its top-quality keyboard cases, especially for iPad. Some users also consider it as a better alternative to Apple’s keyboard case because it provides 360 protection to your iPad.

The lightweight design of the Logitech keyboard case makes it handier to use. With this case, you can easily carry your mini laptop anywhere and anytime. The keyboard is embedded in the case and that can be a pro or con for some people.

It has dedicated iOS keys that make you control your iPad even much better. The quality of the keys is really top-notch, you can literally spend hours of typing without getting cramps on your hand. The battery backup is also very good, it can last 3 days easily. There is also a pencil holder available to snug fit your Apple pencil.

Pros & Cons

  • All-around protection
  • four year Battery life
  • iOS shortcut keys available
  • Apple Pencil holder snug fits the pencil

  • One typing angle
  • Not so strong magnetic hold for iPad
  • No Touchpad


So, that’s all with this buying guide, we tried our best in listing out the best iPad Air 10.5 keyboard cases available at the online market. Keep visiting thegeekcart for more related articles.


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