The Best GoPro Hero 9 Black Accessories in 2020

Recently GoPro launched their new flagship action camera of this year and that is GoPro Hero 9 Black and like every year they have added a number of awesome features and made few changes in this new model. The two main highlights of this new GoPro Hero 9 Black are dual display and 5K video recording. Moreover, this action camera also has a higher resolution sensor, removable lens cover, and a front-facing color LCD display. All these features combined make it the best available action camera and you can further increase its efficiency and make it more durable than before by using the best GoPro Hero 9 Black accessories.

If you have already bought GoPro Hero 9 Black and now you are looking for the best accessories for your GoPro Hero 9 Black then this article is going to be very beneficial for you because below we have listed some Best GoPro Hero 9 Black accessories 2020.

We know there are a number of accessories available online/offline and selecting the best accessories from all is quite a tough task, so to make it easier for you we have only selected the best accessories which can help you to make your GoPro Hero 9 even better.

We have also listed some best GoPro Hero 9 waterproof accessories for those who love to take their GoPro underwater and want to do underwater activities, with waterproof accessories you can enjoy without any worry about damaging your device.

So with that said, let’s start the list of best GoPro Hero 9 Black accessories. After every accessory, we have added the best buy link of the same product.

Best GoPro Hero 9 Black Accessories available Online

1) GoPro SANDMARC Extension Pole Tripod

Best GoPro Hero 9 Black Accessories

We are starting our list with the SANDMARC Extension pole for GoPro, it is undoubtedly a very useful GoPro accessory. If you are a traveler or you are planning to go on a trip with your Gopro then this accessory what you should have in your backpack.

If you are planning to do some outdoor adventure or you want to capture some amazing outdoor shots with your GoPro then this extension Pole Tripod will help you to achieve all your requirements.

The minimum length or you can say the default length of this tripod is 17″ and can be extended up to 47″. The build quality of this product is really very good and most importantly it is waterproof, so if you are deciding to take your GoPro for underwater activity then use this extension pole without any hesitation.  It has a sleek low-profile aluminum design and that looks very premium while holding.

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2) GoPro Shorty Mini

Best GoPro Hero 9 Black Accessories 2

If you are looking for the compact size extension pole tripod then I would definitely suggest you take a look at the GoPro Shorty Mini extension pole tripod. The size of this product is so compact that you can literally throw it in your pocket and then you are good to go to take it anywhere with you.

It is the best partner of your camera for outdoor adventure, traveling, and more. It is compact and will work perfectly for walking around with to document your trip.

This product is really very versatile because you can use it as a handgrip, a tripod, and a mini selfie stick and it does its job quite perfectly.

You can also extend the length of the shorty up to 8. 9in (22. 7cm) for group shots, selfies, and other hard-to-reach angles. You can easily get group shots, it’s super convenient that it is compact and easily extends with no buttons or difficulty to become a mini tripod. 

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3) GoPro Camera The Handler Floating Hand Grip

Best GoPro Hero 9 Black Accessories 3

The third accessory which we are going to share with you is GoPro Floating Hand Grip. If you are planning to take your GoPro for some water activity or under the sea then this floating hand grip is what you should definitely take with you. 

It is also very compact in size and can be used to shoot both in and around the water easily, the material is of very good quality and gives you a very good grip while holding. It uses a standard clip-mount base so that you do not have to mess with screwing the e-clamp. The wrist strap is strong and flexible like a bungee cord and has an adjustable tightening button.

The cord that attaches the wrist strap to the handgrip is also top-notch and very strong. The handle had no trouble floating in the water with a Hero 9 Black mounted to it.

It offers stability outside of the water, and also offers that bit extra peace of mind that your precious GoPro is safe and secure even when in the water.

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4) Ouxunus Waterproof Housing Case for GoPro Hero 9 Black

Best GoPro Hero 9 Black Accessories 4

Looking for a perfect protective or waterproof housing case for your GoPro? if yes, then this accessory should be definitely on your buying list. Ouxunus waterproof housing case provides ultimate protection for your HERO 9 Black during extreme outdoor activities and deep-water diving. As it is a waterproof case, it can be used underwater up to 164ft/ 50 m.

The main body of the waterproof housing case is made of high-quality PMMA plastic. The whole structure is sturdy enough to protect your camera lens and LCD display screen against high impact drops, dents, and scratches.

The lens of the waterproof housing case is made of ultra-thick tempered glass with high light transmittance, which can keep a good photo shooting results and maintain clear and vivid video quality.

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5) GoPro SUREWO Surface-Waterproof Carrying Case [Medium Size]

Best GoPro Hero 9 Black Accessories 5

If you want to make your GoPro Hero 9 more secure than before then I would definitely recommend you to get a SUREWO Surface waterproof carry case for your device. Inside the case, you will see 4-5 compartments where you can fit your GoPro along with its accessories. It is lightweight and durable.

It’s big enough to hold your GoPro hero 9, charger, spare batteries, external mike, and a selection of fixtures and accessories. The EVA foam padding is strong and can be adjusted or cut to fit your needs.

I personally like the black twill patterns design of this case and the best part about this case is its design is water-resistant and the Zipper is also waterproof, which causes a slight tightness when pulling and that is absolutely normal.

The case is both sturdy and attractive and can repel water quite well. If you want to store all the mounting clips that come with your GoPro camera, then you may need to look at a larger case, but for travel and everyday use, this product is highly recommended.

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6) GoPro Light MOD

Best GoPro Hero 9 Black Accessories 6

If you want to enhance the image or video quality of your GoPro then this light MOD is highly recommended for your action camera. We are presenting Suptig Light MOD for GoPro Hero 9, it is very compact yet very powerful to light up your shots.

You can use this light MOD at places where the lighting condition is not so good, you can attach this light mod right on your GoPro. As this is a diving light, you can take it underwater as well. Whether it is snorkel, scuba, or dive, the Suptig diving lights for Gopro will be great accessories for all those activities. Each Suptig light has a 147ft (45M) waterproof test from the Suptig factory.

It is perfect for on-the-go travel companion, so compact and light that it’s easy to take with you. You can carry the light with the attached GoPro on a handheld selfie stick all day and night without worrying about the low light conditions. You can take both snorkeling during the day and then out at night without any issues.

Also, the battery lasts really long, you don’t need to worry about getting out of battery or anything like that. It is a highly recommended product from my side.

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7) POV Pole for GoPro

Best GoPro Hero 9 Black Accessories 7

Are you looking for a long Pole for your GoPro Hero 9? If yes, then this POV Pole should be on your buying list. It is just a perfect telescoping pole for your action camera, it has a default length of 6.5 inches approx and can get easily extended up to 19 inches.

The build quality of this pole is very good, it feels sturdy and provides good grip while holding. It is extremely lightweight and well balanced with GoPro cameras loaded on their ends. It will work great for underwater activities like Scuba or anything like that.

You will also get an Adjustable Wriststrap & Carabiner inside the package. In the end, I would say if you are looking for an affordable yet useful Pole for your GoPro then close your eyes and get this one ordered from Amazon. 

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8) GoPro Smart Remote

Best GoPro Hero 9 Black Accessories 8

GoPro Smart Remote is the most feature-loaded remote which you can buy for your GoPro Hero 9 Black. You can completely control almost every setting of your GoPro from this remote, the only thing that I miss in this remote is voice control but apart from that, there is nothing I can complain about.

The signal range of this remote is just awesome and it can work pretty well from long ranges too. GoPro claims the range of this remote is up to 600 feet (180 meters). The best part about this remote is its waterproof ability up to 33feet. The remote can have up to 50 GoPro’s paired via the GoPro WiFi comms option and makes syncing of content capture simple to do.

The remote also gives you the option to change the capture state (and other settings) of your GoPro’s from video/loop to photo modes. Great if you are using GoPro Sessions which are always fiddly to configure. The biggest advantage is that you can start and stop recording capturing only of the content you want without having to have the camera rolling all the time.

The package also includes a Keyring and wrist strap so that you can wear it like a watch.

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9) GoPro Helmet Mount

Best GoPro Hero 9 Black Accessories 9

GoPro helmet mount is undoubtedly the best accessory for bikers who love to film their rides, tours, trips, etc. So, if you are also a bike and looking for the best mount available then give it a shot. Inside the package, you will get both front and side helmet mount and it is compatible with almost every GoPro camera.

The 3m adhesive is amazing and will not have any worry of failing even at high speeds or high wind. As it is an official GoPro accessory, the material quality is really good and looks very stylish when mounted on your helmet.

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10) JOBY GorillaPod Action Video Tripod

I don’t think JOBY needs an introduction? It is a well-known brand for tripods. Mostly we have seen people using Jolby tripod with their DSLR but now you can also use Jolby tripod on your GoPro. It is not only compatible with GoPro but also with other action cameras. 

This tripod is so versatile it’s crazy! you can use it normally, you can hang it from a chandelier, you can attach it to a tree limb… the mounting options are unlimited. The legs are so bendable, the construction so sturdy that you can trust your GoPro to be used in situations you probably would never have considered without this tripod as part of the setup.

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11) GoPro Armband Leash

Are you the one who takes your GoPro a lot in underwater activities? if yes, then I would definitely suggest you purchase this accessory for your GoPro. There is always a chance of dropping your GoPro while doing the underwater activity but if you use GoPro Armband Leash then your GoPro will remain safe and secure.

The quality of the material is really amazing and the padding used in it is also very comfortable. The padding is soft which keeps the armband secure and comfortable against your arm.

The price tag of this product is also very reasonable, I am sure you will not regret your choice. You can make the purchase by clicking on the below buy link.

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12) GoPro Chest Mount

If you are an adventurous person who mostly involves in capturing action shots while doing skiing, skydiving, paragliding, mountain biking, or cycling then this Chest mount would be your best companion along with GoPro.

GoPro OEM mounts and pieces are stronger than knock-off plastic. Mounts have the rubber anti-vibration/lock grommet that actually works. It is fully adjustable to fit a wide range of adult sizes.

If you are a biker or cycler who wants to capture more of his arms and handlebars while biking or riding your motorcycle then this chest mount is the perfect GoPro accessory for you.

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13) GoPro Sleeve + Lanyard

If you are the one who takes care of their things very nicely then add this GoPro sleeve + Lanyard in your accessories list. It is high-quality silicon, you can mount your camera with the sleeve on, and protect it from scratches without adding extra weight. 

Even after applying the sleeve, you can easily access to camera buttons, folding fingers, and front and rear screens. You can use the lanyard to wear it around the neck and it definitely looks stylish. If you want to remove the lanyard then you can do that too very easily with the quick-release clip.

And most importantly the sleeve will protect your precious camera from scratches and the nylon lanyard will keep your camera with you all the time while traveling.

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14) Suction Cup for GoPro

If you are looking for the mount to attach to your bikes, cars, or truck then this Suction Cup is what you should purchase right now. Inside the package, you will find Short arm, Long arm, 90deg adapter, and Screws for all arms and attachments.

The base of the suction cup is nice and wide so it will sit upright even if it is not affixed. Once it is affixed, it isn’t moving. The cup itself is very supple and should provide easy installation on most smooth surfaces.

The arms provide both compact and extended mounting options. To ensure they don’t move the interfacing pieces have ridges to prevent any slipping even when not torqued down. Overall, this mount is really worth the price tag and I would definitely recommend it.

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15) GoPro Hero 9 Black SD Cards

We all know how important are memory cards for our action camera. It is very important to get the correct and high-quality micro SD card so that you GoPro reaches its full potential. We have created a complete separate guide where we listed out the best memory cards for GoPro Hero 9 Black, you should definitely check out that guide and buy the right SD card for your GoPro Hero 9.

16) AWINNER Screen and Lens Protector 

Add AWINNER screen and less protector in your GoPro accessories list to protect your camera from scratches. It is made of real glass of 0.3mm thickness, which can effectively protect your hero from external scratches. The screen protector is military-grade thermoplastic urethane, designed to absorb impact.

The quality of the lens protector is really amazing, it has an oleophobic coating to ensure that your Hero 9 Black camera records a clean and crystal clear image.

Inside the package you will find 2 x Screen Tempered Glass Protection Film; 2 x Tempered Glass Lens Protection Film; 2 x Small Display HD Protective Film; 2 x Screen Cleaning Paper; 2 x Cleaning Cloth.

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So, that’s all for this Best GoPro Hero 9 Black Accessories buying guide. If you know other accessories that we haven’t listed above then you can surely leave a comment below and we will definitely add that accessory to our list. Do visit for more related articles.




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